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Do-It-Yourself Tools


Create your own

personal recordings

using the how-to book

and background music.


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                                                  Table of Contents

1. The Creation of the Change Your Mind SuperSleep® Program

  • The Beginnings and the Pioneers

2. Writing Your Emptying-the-Cup Scripts:

  • The Emptying-the-Cup Script Formula
  • How to Clear Your Past
  • How to Clear Your Present
  • How to Play Detective
  • Sample Emptying-the-Cup Script
  • The “Quick Script”
  • Questions and Answers

3. Writing Your Filling-the-Cup Scripts: Positive Affirmation

  • Your Filling-the-Cup Scripts Guidelines
  • How to Use the Workbook Scripts
  • How to Use the Self Talk Technique
  • How to Use the So What? and Why? Technique
  • How to Use Filling-the-Cup Stems
  • Questions and Answers

4. Recording Your Voice to Music: Simple Technical Instructions

  • Your Tools
  • You’re Ready to Record
  • SuperSleep® to Your Tape
  • Questions and Answers

5. What Can I Expect?

  • Clearing and Processing
  • Processing by Past Experiences
  • Processing Time Frames
  • Processing by Emotional Style
  • Processing by Hemispheric Dominance
  • Processing by Gender
  • Questions & Answers

6. What is SuperSleep® and How Does It Work? Understanding the Research

  • Brainwave States
  • SuperSleep® and Changing Your Mind
  • Mommy and I Are One
  • Music and Cadencing
  • Subliminals and Supraliminals
  • Questions and Answers

7. Go-to-Sleep Introduction Scripts

Progressive Relaxations: Muscle Relaxer: Back and Neck Meditation Relaxations: The Escalator: Releasing: Forgiving: Emotional Healing: Physical Healing: Inner Peace: Manifestation

8. A – Z Scripts: Clearing and Affirmation Suggestion Statements

Action, Aging, Anger, Assertiveness, Betrayal, Boundaries, Budgeting, Careers, Change, Childhood, Commitment, Communication, Completing: Projects/Tasks, Concentration, Confidentiality, Conflict Resolution, Conscious Evolution, Control, Creative Problem Solving, Creativity, Dating, Debt, Delegation, Deserving, Divorce, Exercising, Expectations, Family Dysfunction, Family Loving, Fear, Feedback, Feelings, Forgiving, Global Citizenship, Goals, Gratitude, Grieving, Guilt, Healing: Christian, Health: General, Holographic Universe, Humor, Inner Peace, Intelligence, Intimacy, Intuition, Letting Go, Listening, Manifesting, Meditation, Moving On, Neatness, Negativity, Passive Aggression, Perfectionism, Performing Well, Personal Power, Prayer, Prejudice, Prosperity, Public Speaking, Quit Smoking, Sales Calls/Cold Calling, Self Love, Shame, Spirituality, Strategic Thinking, Struggle, Studying, Sufi Code, Taxes, Test Taking, Time Management, Truth, Twelve Steps, Wealth, Weight Loss, Weight Loss: Dieting, Weight Maintenance, Working, Wrestling, Writing

Super Sleep® Book

$ 16.95

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Background Music 

Based on music research and listening/learning and the brain, this orchestral baroque music was chosen for the program and played by Tom Barabas.

Each recording is 80 minutes long with a soft bell tone every eight seconds that signals you when to begin the next statement – to maintain the Suggestopedia timing. 

They are all equally effective. There are three pieces to provide you with a variety and choice of music.

Arioso by Bach

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Air on the G String by Bach

$ 20

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Adagio by Albinoni

$ 20

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