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Questions & Answers

Why should I use SuperSleep® products?


1. They’re EASY! You listen while you sleep. You don’t have to read a book or go to a workshop or ….. You just have to remember to start the MP3 before you go to sleep.

2. They’re don’t take time. You listen while you sleep, so you don’t have to go anywhere or do anything “extra” to get your desired results.

3. They’re cost effective. An MP3 costs pennies compared to seminars, workshops, programs, coaching, counseling, etc. The changes can be fast and at a deep level.

4. They work! You listen to the suggestion statements while you are in the theta brainwave state – so you reach your deepest level and “re-code” yourself with positive, healthy, productive, life changing directives.

How do these MP3s work if I’m asleep?

The short answer is: memories “stored” in your brain are accessed during the theta brain wave state. SuperSleep® accesses the theta brain wave state while you are asleep. The new healthy messages your hear in theta consolidate with the old memories, and create new patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Your life continues to change based on the new patterns. For more research and scripting information, review the blogs.

Teri: I don’t know if you remember me but you did make a difference in my life. Your wisdom and teaching style inspired me to be the best I could be.
I used the Change Your Mind Self Empowerment series 15 years ago. My life has continued to improve ever since. My career has advanced, and I have finished a dual Bachelors Degree in Human Services and Organizational Management, and I am going on to finish my Masters of Arts Program focusing on Violence Intervention and Prevention.
So, I decided to let you know that you still have a far reaching positive influence on others. Thank you for being such an inspiration.

-Katherine A.

How do I fit this program into my life/ lifestyle?

That’s the easy part. SuperSleep® doesn’t conflict with other approaches to self improvement. You can do it all together. And you listen while you sleep, so there is no additional time commitment from your busy day. 

However, some lifestyle activities conflict with the SuperSleep®. Anything that blocks the theta brainwave state during sleep will block the effectiveness of the program. That includes alcohol, anti-depressants, many other meds, alcohol, and recreational drugs.

How many MP3s should I listen to?

The more you hear, the more you change. Some customers have listened to all of them! Some customers listen to one recording and get the solution they want. It’s personal for you. Remember to listen to one at a time for 21-30 nights, then go on to the next one. 

If I only listen to one MP3, which one is best?

That’s a tough question, because they are all “best” for their topic, and because it is personal to you and your situation. Generally, I suggest Love Yourself, a foundation script for self confidence and deserving.  And Balance Your Energy Centers to neutralize stress, which I play every few months for myself. Also, playing Advanced Healing for 3-9 months seems to address healing on all levels – mental, physical, and emotional.

Review the A to Z guide in the Quick Start section, which lists every MP3 and the topics that are on them.

Do I have to listen 30 nights for it to work?

I strongly recommend it. In regular circumstances, it can take months for new memories to engrave in the mind (memory consolidation). SuperSleep® accelerates that process and shortens the time period — by using Suggestopedia sequencing / timing, Superlearning music, and accessing your theta sleep state. So I feel comfortable that your new memories will consolidate in 21-30 days (not months or years).

Why do I listen to Advanced Healing longer?

For 2 reasons:  (1) because customers reported that the longer they listened, the better results they got, and (2) the brain research states that the hippocampus, which records emotions attached to a stressful event, can reduce in size up to 29%, depending on the intensity of the stress/trauma. The hippocampus has the ability for neuronal regeneration, and can regrow neurons in adulthood in the right conditions, reversing the damage. From the results my customers have reported, it’s possible this recording can help regrow those neurons to restore the hippocampus. That takes more time than consolidating memories. 

How do you write the scripts?

The scripts are a work in progress. The first scripts were positive affirmations – and they’ve come a LONG way from there! Now, I have a formula approach, developed over 20+ years of researching, experimenting with myself and test groups, and observing results. My commitment was to “nail” an issue in one recording, saving clients years of being blocked, burdened, frustrated, and unsuccessful.

The first statement in the formula is “(the subject) and I are one.” Being At-One-Ment is being in atonement – at peace with. When I read the research on “Mommy and I are one” and decided to add it to the scripts, I thought – why not Daddy too? And my sister, and my grandparents, and my ex, and….  Then I added places (West Texas), and events (moving to Alaska), and ultimately, the subject I was scripting, like personal power, success, money, dating, childhood … My first recording of 180 of these statements set off significant processing, including disturbing dreams, so I knew the approach was working! .

I added “release and forgive” statements to eliminate emotional baggage. Then “dissolving false models and messages” statements to offset unconsciously following misguiding role models and beliefs. Then” I transcend” statements, after hearing a brilliant lecture on the meaning of transcendence. Then “dissolve all imbalances in harmony and grace” to bring balance without negative effects.

When I’m addressing a new topic, I do extensive reading and research on it from a mixed bag of sources to get all viewpoints. For instance, I worked on the script for Love Yourself for 15+ years. A psychiatrist’s book on self hate gave me a deeper understanding. When I was trying to incorporate ethical principles in Open to Wealth, a Rabbi’s definition — increasing my prosperity without decreasing the prosperity of another — gave me the statement I wanted. When I was working on Heal Your Money Wounds, I had the lack and limitation part. A co-presenter at a NOVA conference shared her research on “afflluenza.” which doubled my perspective. Some quantum physics principles show up in the Healing and Wellness scripts, as do stages of life development and aging. While writing the Spirituality scripts, I was living in Sedona, AZ, and had access to a HUGE range of sources, resources, and viewpoints.

I love the process – the exploration and AHA moments. And when I write personal scripts for clients, my commitment is the same:  to identify and “nail” the core issue in one recording. I measure my success by the success they achieve!

Why do you repeat the statements?

Suggestopedia is based on Dr. Lozanov’s research with accelerated learning in Bulgaria. It was popularized in the US in Superlearning, a book by Ostrander and Schroeder. This method repeats a short statement three times to an eight second cadencing while the listener is in a relaxed alpha state. I used this formula for my first audio tape. I kept falling asleep when I put it on, but it worked anyway. That’s how I “discovered” SuperSleep®. So I’ve been using the formula ever since.

The music bothers me!

Hang In! The music is based on Suggestopedia research, and it is to assure your brain is in  learning mode / theta. So it is a necessary element of the success of the recordings. These pieces were created for me and the program and are played by Tom Barabas and Oman Ken.

Does the program help with Anxiety and Stress?

I’ve had good results with my customers in both these areas.

The best “generic” stress and anxiety reducers are in the Healing and Wellness series. Listen to Open to Healing, Balance Your Energy Centers, and Be Mentally and Emotionally Well.  

I just received Open to Healing, and three nights into listening to it, I can say that some of the everyday anxiety has lessened that I’ve been trying to manage for years. Thank you so much.

If the anxiety is in response to a particular situation, choose a recording that addresses that situation. For instance, if a relationship ended, listen to Release Past Relationships (Loving Relationships). If you lost money on bad investments, listen to Heal Your Money Wounds and Invest Wisely (Money). If you’re anxious about your future, listen to Accept Change and Face Your Future (Empowerment). If it is performance anxiety (which is increasing exponentially with teens!), try Claim Your Personal Power (Empowerment), Love Yourself (Loving Relationships), and Achieve Success (Success).

What about Weight Loss?

Weight loss has so many different aspects and causes, it’s difficult to assure consistent results. Be Physically Well (Healing and Wellness) addresses weight management.

Wow, it Works! I have been listening to Be Physically Well constantly for 14 days now. On the 9th day, I dropped two bad habits cold turkey. On the 10th day, I noticed I was conscious of everything I put in my body. On the 11th and 12th days, my food cravings are for fruits and nuts and vegetables… the healthy stuff. I am starting to lose weight! I don’t know what to say… but thanks… So simple yet so powerful. Beyond Willpower.
-Milton C.

if there are addictive eating patterns, add Advanced Healing.

I am very pleased!  I am listening to Advanced Healing with Be Physically Well.  I have been listening to that combination for about a month and I will continue for another month.  The results have been subtle and sensational!  I have several soft addictions like ice cream, for example.  I do not seem to struggle staying away from it. The results have been very effortless so I do not notice the changes until the difference becomes obvious.  Another example that is huge for me!  I had an organic green fruit smoothy for lunch.  Normally I would have fallen asleep at the computer.  I am wide awake!  That is extraordinary!
Keep your advanced CDs coming and quickly!

When the addictive eating patterns stem from childhood dysfunction, the recordings in the Empowerment MP3s are helpful, especially Release Your Past and Heal Your Childhood.

I’ve stopped abusive drinking, am exercising more, and I’ve lost 30 pounds.  I just started learning yoga too. –

Here’s some interesting research on the effectiveness of a top selling weight loss audio tape from one of the two major producers of subliminal audio tapes in the 1990’s.

in a 16 week study, sixty people were divided into three groups:

•Group A listened to a tape with music only.

•Group B listened to a tape with music and a subliminal message on weight loss in both a male and female voice.

At the end of six weeks… 

•Group A, lost more weight that Group B

•Group B had no visible trends of weight loss, and some actually gained weight.

I can think of two possible reasons for this: 1. the weight loss messages were ineffective, and 2. many women do not accept “directions” from a male voice in the subconscious. Of course, with the subconscious, causes are “sub” – and not evident, so it’s just opinion. 

How do you work with NBA and NFL athletes?

I work the same way with every client in a personal program  We talk about their goals, and I design a 3-6 month program to help them make it happen. 

For instance, a young NFL quarterback (right out of college), wanted to be starting quarterback on his team. That was a challenge for both of us! He listened to Achieve Success (Success) while I wrote a personal script for him to work with the best coach to attain that goal. After listening to the personal script, he switched coaches to work with John House, the USC pitching coach featured in the Disney movie, The Million Dollar Arm. I collaborated with John to create a script on the physical mechanics of throwing. (interesting side note: John used subliminal messages with the Padres decades before).

We were successful, and the client was starting quarterback for his team. He got a bonus: he made the longest QB run for a touchdown in NFL history.

I got a bonus as well: Two years later, I used the same script for a high school quarterback who earned many awards and was #1 in his state and #3 in the US for passing yards.

I’ve never been very confident. Can this really help me?

The first series I made was the Empowerment series — the foundation for all of us. Self acceptance and self confidence are vital to our wellbeing. Start with those MP3s – and I am confident you will have a success story of your own!

Can I use this with my kids? How old do they have to be?

Absolutely! There’s a Student Success series specifically for kids, but ALL the MP3s work for them. I wish every kid could start life on the Empowerment series! 

Individually, I have worked with kids as young as 2. A father wanted help with his son, who had developed eczema. He had trouble sleeping, would scratch his skin at night until it bled, and was generally fussy. The condition started when he was 9 months old. Not coincidentally, his younger brother was born when he was 9 months old, which was a huge stress on his Mom and Dad. I created a simple script with statements like: Mommy and I are one, Mommy loves me, Mommy loves me as much as my brother, Daddy and I are one, Daddy loves me, Daddy loves me as much as my brother – plus some calming and healing statements. Within 3 weeks, the condition was clear.

In my workshops, when parents question the power of “Mommy and I are one” I suggest they do their own experiments with their kids. I suggest they go into their kids’ room at night and whisper it to them — and watch for changes. LOTS of parents have reported back that it stopped their kids bedwetting patterns overnight! I love surprises like this.

I’m having trouble accepting Mommy and I are one works. Can you give an example?

Absolutely, I can give many from my own observations, but here is some solid research on it with measurable results.

At Queen’s College, Dr. Kenneth Parker, an attorney and psychologist, offered extra credit to students taking his law class who agreed to participate in “a study designed to see if subliminal messages can improve academic performance.”
Sixty students signed up and agreed to receive subliminal programming three times a week just before class from a tachistoscope, a device which flashes a quick, bright light with a written message imbedded in it (usually 4 milliseconds). The students looked through the eyepiece of the tachistoscope and consciously saw a flash of light while they subconsciously received a message imbedded in the light.

They were divided into three groups:
     Group #1 received “Mommy and I are one”
     Group #2 received “The Professor and I are one”
     Group #3 received a neutral message
At the end of the course, the grading was as follows:

     Group #1 got A’s
     Group #2 got high B’s
     Group #3 got low B’s
And after four weeks, Group #1 and Group #2 remembered more of what they had learned than Group #3.


Can this help with choosing or changing a career?

The specific MP3 for this is Achieve Right Livelihood (Money). It helps if you add Heal Your Money Wounds, the Empowerment MP3s, especially Claim Your Personal Power, and Love Yourself.  These address money myths about your earning potential, feeling like you deserve the career you want, and allowing yourself to have fun and make money at the same time.

I just wanted to send you a short note to tell you thank-you for the way your work has changed my life. I have been following your research for years and all your products have been exceptional.
For the past 10 months, I have been using the CD’s regularly. Tomorrow, I start a new job and a new way of life. I went from being really sick and worrying about where my life was headed to knowing that everything is perfect.


Will this help my insomnia?

Because of the name, SuperSleep®, many people think the program is to cure insomnia. While that’s not it’s purpose, many customers report that Balance Your Energy Centers (Healing and Wellness) cured their insomnia. So I began suggesting it, and it works about 80% of the time – which is a pleasantly surprising unintended consequence.

Hi Teri,  I’ve been using the Balance Your Energy Centers. Wow – the Balance CD really makes me sleep good!)
-Sherri K

Will these really change my life around money?

I’ll let the customers answer this one:

I was at rock bottom when I came upon your website and method. I learned and studied from you on how to make my life better and more enjoyable. 
I’ve had a couple of miracles: One being, going from broke and being unemployed for over a year in a half and now I’m on my way to work on a job making more than I’ve ever made. 

I still hardly believe it.
-Charles G.

I don’t know how these work, especially on other people. A man owed my husband $20,000 for years, and never payed any of it back. We wrote it off, and had almost forgotten about it. When we had been listening to Open to Wealth for 2 weeks, the man sent a check for $12,000 with a promise to repay the rest.
We don’t understand it, but we LOVE it!


So far with a week into Money……..WOW! My husband is saying, and doing things he has never done before!
His hard head is softening…….right before my eyes! He even said “I see how I thought there was only one way (my way)” “but in fact there are many ways and I can see how I have been creating my life”  (Not his exact words but very close). A moment I have always known was possible, just was not sure when!

I wanted to personally thank you for the difference that SuperSleep® has made in my life. In particular, the Money series blew wide open the “glass ceiling” that I had hit financially.

In the first 2 months of listening to the series, I doubled my income. I am on track to easily make a six figure income for the first time in my life. I would highly recommend this series to everyone.
The SuperSleep® program is a MUST for anyone who wants to open to possibility and climb over whatever wall they have been facing.
Mendy M

I restarted listening to Open to Wealth. It’s been ten nights of listening. Within this time frame I was able to buy a new smart tv that I have been having my eyes set on for some time comfortably. Extra money has been coming in to supplement me. And just an hour ago, my boss called me and surprised me by telling me that he’s sending me and my girlfriend on a vacation to Cancun with expenses paid. I’ve never been out of the country before and the timing for another vacay was much needed. Prosperity, wealth and abundance can appear in so many forms. That’s what I know from reading the statements of your program and I feel it on several levels. It is awesome. Thank you again.

I have migraines. What can I do for those?

Customers report that Open to Healing and Balance Your Energy Centers (Healing and Wellness) works for them to reduce the frequency and intensity of their migraines.

Since I have been listening to Balance Your Energy Centers I’ve only had one migraine. Before listening to it, I was having a migraine almost every week. My quality of life has improved ten times over. I just can’t thank you enough for your “cure” for my suffering.

Have you worked with trauma and PTSD?

I have many success stories with trauma and PTSD. While I have worked with numerous military personnel, most PTSD is civilian – from accidents, abuse, and abrupt life changes. One research study stated trauma affects 1/2 of Americans at some time, with 10 times more civilians experiencing PTSD than military, and two times more women than men. 

If you are addressing trauma, please read the blog on What Can I Expect Listening to a SuperSleep® Recording?  The healing from traumatic events and memories, while accelerated, can have intense side effects. The most common side effect is flashbacks and/or nightmares as the traumatic memories re-code / reconsolidate into neutral memories. Though it is “normal”, the processing can be disturbing. 

We owe you our lives. My husband served in the Vietnam war, and returned OK. But when he watched the Iraq war images on TV, he went into severe depression. The VA gave him drugs, which he has been on ever since. He couldn’t sleep, so he drank out of a quart vodka bottle every night to numb out. He was planning suicide when a woman at church told me about you. What a blessing. That was two months ago (and 2 CDs ago), and he is almost his old self again. We are continuing on your program from now on.  Blessings to you, Dr. Mahaney

My general recommendation for trauma is: 
Open to Healing 30 nights
Balance Your Energy Centers 30 nights
Advanced Healing 3-9 months

If it from a specific event, listen to a related MP3: 

From June 5, 2007, to a year later I listened to Accept Change and Face Your Future every single night. I got through a sudden separation and divorce (after 25 years as a couple). I am steady and on course, thanks to your methods. I used your CD’s to study and pass my CPA exam many years ago, so I knew where to turn in a crisis.
.-Regards, Linda

Can I get focused and organized using these MP3s?

If it is a personal habit, you can change it with the MP3s. If it is a brain pattern like ADD, the MP3s may be less successful. I can’t predict when they will work and when they won’t. And I like the success stories that surprise me, like the following.

I listen to my CD every night and it works great.  I have to tell you though that my success story right now is my son.  I could not describe the mess that he creates, his room, his desk at school, at the house – everywhere.  I got the Get Organized CD for him and he has actually started picking up his clothes after he takes a shower – that is a huge breakthrough, I have been spending the last 5 years (he’s 11) asking him not to leave his clothes behind.  I’m happy with the small change and am crossing my fingers for more changes by the end of the 30 days.  If he could keep his desk organized at school and stop feeding the ants with food underneath his bed, I will owe my sanity to you.  
Thank you.  

Here is a story from a significantly ADD customer:

Thank you for creating SuperSleep! At the beginning of this month, I ordered some do-it-yourself supplies. I made a tape using scripts on attracting a loving partner, action, prosperity, and writing. Maybe it was too much to tackle, but I wanted to take the bull by the horns.
I ended up processing a lot and getting sick for a week. I felt as though something was being released in slow motion. Oh, and I had a couple of nightmares several days apart. I didn’t remember them at all afterwards, it was like just letting go of something.

Once I was well, I had this stick-to-it kind of energy that I haven’t had in years! It has been only three weeks now, and I can feel my body returning to it’s youthful productivity and sense of hopefulness that comes with setting goals and really believing that I can achieve them.
By the end of the first week, I began working on a book that has been in my head for years. I have written a lot over the years, and after just one week of listening to the SuperSleep tape, I finally organized and indexed all of my notes. It was a huge task, and it took me a full two weeks to get that done. I’ve been writing daily too.
I have a series of interviews to transcribe for publication. I’ve been sitting on these interviews for nearly three years, without the energy to do anything with them. I would get a sense of fatigue just thinking about it. Now, I am sitting for hours, focused and enjoying my work immensely.
In the past three days, I have finished transcribing three of the ten interviews!!! And they are long! I can see the project unfolding clearly and I am happy about every single minute that I am in this process.
I have used so many techniques to address my procrastination and have never had this kind of result! In fact, I am able to work on both book projects without a sense of overwhelm. Both energize me and I can move from one to the other easily.
I have been recommending your CD’s to everyone I know, including my audiences. I’m a Professional Speaker with Resilience and Stress Management as my key topics. After 30 years of researching and talking about these topics, I feel like I can almost tell everyone — use Teri’s CD’s and listen to them for the rest of your life and your problems are solved! All the theories, all the tools and techniques, and all the exercises take a back seat to your work. I am your newest fan.

Can I quit smoking using the MP3s?

Because I can’t predict / guarantee results, there is no MP3 for Quit Smoking. I researched its causes and included a script for it in the how-to book, SuperSleep®, so people could make their own recordings. 

However, some customers quit smoking – without intending to – while working on other issues. 

After listening to Accept Change and Face Your Future for 21 days, I promptly quit smoking (and had no plan to do so). I loved the result and experience. Subsequently, I’ve recommended your products to clients many times.
-Linda H

An interesting side note on smoking is the effect of nicotine on brainwave patterns. EEG stimulation provided by nicotine is variable, indicating smokers use nicotine to moderate or normalize their states — to arouse themselves from boredom or calm themselves from over-stimulation. In other words, people get high on uppers, low on downers, and medium on nicotine.