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Questions & Answers

Why should I use SuperSleep® products?
How do these MP3s work if I’m asleep?
How do I fit this program into my life/ lifestyle?
How many MP3s should I listen to?
If I only listen to one MP3, which one is best?
Do I have to listen 30 nights for it to work?
Why do I listen to Advanced Healing longer?
How do you write the scripts?
Why do you repeat the statements?
The music bothers me!
Does the program help with Anxiety and Stress?
What about Weight Loss?
How do you work with NBA and NFL athletes?
I’ve never been very confident. Can this really help me?
Can I use this with my kids? How old do they have to be?
I’m having trouble accepting Mommy and I are one works. Can you give an example?
Can this help with choosing or changing a career?
Will this help my insomnia?
Will these really change my life around money?
I have migraines. What can I do for those?
Have you worked with trauma and PTSD?
Can I get focused and organized using these MP3s?
Can I quit smoking using the MP3s?